How to choose Android smartphone

If you are thinking about buying a new Android phone first investigate your habit of using your recent phone to choose the right mobile for the new few years. Todays’ smartphones are not only for incoming and outgoing calls but can act as a computer with limited functions. There are a ton of parameters that can confuse the average customers. We are sure that it isn’t going to be your first phone, so think first what do you miss and what extra functions do you need for the new device. We made you a checklist before buying.


Do not make the mistake to judge a brand by one of your previous experience. Every brand’ have cheap devices with low quality and top devices at high prices.

Screen size

The screen size is an important attribution because it defines the size of the phone. If you are going to play games, watch videos and read books, you surely need a bigger screen. On the other hand, if you need a small phone to fit easily in your pocket, you have to choose a smaller screen.

Screen resolution

You can have a sharp screen with Full HD resolution but it stresses your phone more, so you will have lower performance or worse battery life. The HD resolution is a good balance between the quality and the performance/battery life.


Like in the computers you can’t compare two CPU just by checking the number of cores and those frequencies. The real-life speed of the CPU is affected by several parameters. To get some idea about the speed of the processor we have to use benchmark software. The most popular nowadays is the AnTuTu Benchmark, on its webpage you can find the scores for every mobile phone. The AnTuTu tests not only the CPU but the GPU so its a good indicator for gaming performance too.

Memory (RAM)

The amount of memory determines the number of programs you can run at a time, and the average person might think that he or she uses only one application at a time, but many other applications running in the background like the email synchronization or incoming call listeners. It is not worth buying a phone under 2GB, but 3GB is highly recommended.


Today's phones can replace a mid-range compact camera, so if you want to take photos with your phone frequently, you should pay attention to the camera. It is impossible to compare two cameras just by looking at the specifications so you have to look up for sample images and camera reviews. The best site for that is the DxOMark, they have really deep knowledge about cameras, and along with the detailed phone reviews they have a scoring method, so you can just simply compare two phones by the scores.


More and more phones offer dual sim card support and memory card slot. Note, however, that with most phones, the memory card can be inserted into the second SIM slot, so you cannot expand the memory with two SIMs.

Operating System

The Android version does not significantly affect the usability of a phone, but newer and newer systems have improvements that can increase not only functionality but also speed and battery life. It's better to choose the phone with Android 7 or above.